Vacation without Pooch?

After my twins were first born, Tim and I didn’t travel anywhere for a year-and-a-half. Purely for reasons of sanity. Mostly mine. But then we figured out how to travel with kids, and it got easier. Now, it’s really easy. Nine year olds travel really well. Better than 47 year adults, it seems.

But six months ago, we adopted Pace, our lovable Irish Coated Wheaten Terrier. He and the family are inseperable. He is hardly ever out of the presence of one of us, and Tim and I always fret or start changing plans if it means leaving Pace at home in his crate for more than three hours.

So, how the heck are we going to take a vacation this summer?

Typically, we go to either Pennsylvania or California for a week or more in the summer to visit family. Our families live so far away from us that they hardly ever see the kids. Vacations for us are times to catch up with family, not travel to interesting or exotic destinations. In other words, they’re not really optional.

We could take the pooch, of course, but that costs money and it takes a lot of the flexibility out of travel. Plus there is the possibility of him getting lost in the luggage on the flight over, or lost if the people we stay with accidentally let him out. Or… (read: endless number of nightmare situations).

We could leave him at a doggie hotel, but he was a rescue pooch when he came to us not even a year ago, and I worry that he’ll languish in sadness for the whole time we’re gone, convinced that he’s been abandoned once again. We don’t have any trusted friends who we could leave him with (those trusted friends we have aren’t able to watch our dog, and those friends we have who will watch our dog, aren’t necessarily trusted).

I can’t believe I’m fretting this much over taking a vacation without pooch.


2 thoughts on “Vacation without Pooch?

  1. Mindy says:

    Ah….the pooch and vacation! I have had this problem for ten years. And now that Nadia is an “older” dog, it gets worse. The big kennels make me sign my life away before I leave her with them, and honestly, she never did that well in the big kennels anyway. So it’s a last ditch place I go to if all else fails.

    So…what to do…

    My handy little best kept secret is that veterinarians board dogs. Not a lot. Most of their room is for animals recovering from surgery. But….most people don’t know about this little secret, so it’s not hard to get reservations.

    They have ALL the shots on file, so no need to update anything. Half the time Nadia has her yearly while she is boarding with them.

    They kept Nadia the five times I had to go to Vermont for ten days…July and January, and got to know her better than me, I think! The girls love her and give her extra attention..because there are not a lot of dogs there. There are no ‘extra” charges for play times and walks. When did kennels start charging all of that anyway????

    And I get great peace of mind knowing she’s with the most capable hands I could leave her with—her vet!

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