Ask A Librarian

An upgraded library card

If I wasn’t so obsessed with thumbing through original documents from the 19th and early 20th century, I could save myself the road trip and use interlibrary loan to request documents from the Washington State Library and Archives. But I can’t wait to stroll through holdings for myself. It’s the difference between buying a book on and going to the bookstore to browse every shelf before heading to the cash register.

My new library card to the Washington State Library and Archives arrived just in time for a road trip to Centralia, a small city just off Interstate 5, located smack dab in between Portland and Seattle. My excitement about spending a day in the Washington State Library & Archive and another at the Lewis County Historical Museum leaves me giddy and counting down the days until I get a chance to ‘Ask the Librarian’ everything I know how to ask and listen for answers to everything I never thought to ask.


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