The Best Mothers Day Ever

My family presented me with my very own iPod, which just ROCKS. It is the smartest machine I own. I feel like a genius just being in its presence. (I guess all the times I said, “No one gets an iPod until Mom gets an iPod,” must have registered.)

My 9 year-old daughter, Kennedy, took me out to breakfast at the 12th Street Cafe, and we had a surprisingly enjoyable discussion about what songs and movies we’d put on “our” iPod.

Spent the afternoon at Safeco Field, watching a Mariners vs. Yankees baseball game with my 9 year-old son, Aaron. We had great seats along the third base line, Aaron got his first ball souvenir from batting practice, and the Mariners won in a pitching duel. What a fantastic game. We screamed our lungs out.

After I put the kids to sleep, I rocked out on “my” iPod, couldn’t contain the overwhelming goodness of it all, and drove to the gym where hubby Tim was working out, just so I could tell him so.

What an excellent day.


4 thoughts on “The Best Mothers Day Ever

  1. Mindy says:

    I LOVE my Ipod! I download songs and then listen when I’m writing–it puts me right in the teenage mood. Especially when the songs are from my teenage years! ITunes is a wonderful little store….

  2. Holly says:

    I’ve heard people say they love their iPods, but I think it’s not until you use one that you understand just how seamless it feels. My other MP3 player was more a headache than a way to enjoy music. My iPod is just so darned easy that it is a relief to listen to music instead of a chore. I’ll have to try out “the sountrack to my novel” idea. I’ve heard that from many writers…

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