No Krispy Kremes for Swim Team

None. Not ever. Not when the little darlings did well at regional trials. Not for birthdays. Not when you want the teenagers to come to the pool early on picture day. No conscionable adult should ply children–who are trying to turn into athletes, for cryin’ out loud–with these belly bombs. You should see the number of overweight kids on our swim team.

Nutritional info for JUST ONE puny Krispy Kreme Original Donut (who can eat just one? I dare you to prove it):

200 calories, 12 gr fat, 6 gr sat fat, 5 chol


3 thoughts on “No Krispy Kremes for Swim Team

  1. Holly Huckeba says:

    Ha! Maybe you’re on to something here. The uber-competitive parents I see on the swim deck could be using Krispy Kremes to mask the effects of the HGH they’re giving their kids. A little extra chub to cover the super-powered muscle underneath. Fat floats, so it wouldn’t slow the kids’ times. Hmmmm…

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